Sandra Bernotaite was born in 1975 in Šiauliai, Lithuania. She is a novelist, poet and blogger. Since her graduation from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2003 she was involved in various artistic projects, including devised and social theatre, film, dance, photography. Her first book “Gaisras” (“Fire”) is a collection of short stories. It was published in 2010 and won Augustinas Gricius award for the best debut of the year. She has published two novels: “Katė, kurios reikėjo” (“The Cat Which Was Missed”) in 2013 and “Dioniso barzda“ (The Beard of Dionysus“) in 2015, which are not translated to English, yet. Her award winning short story “The Fish“ was published in Australian literary magazine Going Down Swinging, issue #32. Sandra resides in Melbourne.



2 Responses to “Sandra in English”

  1. Ted Reilly Says:

    Laba diena, Sandra!
    My wife, Jūratė Vitkūnaitė-Reilly, has passed on to me a copy of the interview with Živilė Kavaliauskaitė in the most recent edition of Mūsu Pastogė (22, 2011).
    I am interested in what was being discussed about writing groups, as I am currently acting president of Geelong Writers inc., an affiliate of the Victorian Writers Centre. We are planning to commence publication of a new literary / creative writing journal, Geelong Ink, later this year.
    There are a number of matters I would like to discuss with you. Firstly, would you be willing to write an article for us on your experiences as a writer, both here in Australia & in Lietuva, as well as send say, 2 new poems, for publication? We cannot pay for contributions, but I would supply 2 copies of the publication for your records.
    Secondly, could you supply me with a copy of ‘Gaisras’ on invoice. I would pay by cheque on return mail.
    Please contact me by courriel (as supplied) at your earliest convenience.



  2. Vicky Tsaconas Says:

    Ted Reilly gave us your details as he thought you may be interested in participating in a project I am co-facilitating – curate or create? a poetic reading salon. It aims to create dialogue amongst writers of immigrant and diverse cultural backgrounds, particularly with regard to the question of whether these writers curate or create culture. Please let me know if you would like details.

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